Vividh Devta Pujan

In the Vedas, the worship of Panchdev has been described as complimentary and in the same way as to the regular bath. The worship of Parabrahma Parmatma is worshiped from their service.

Why is the importance of these five gods more than other deities?
In comparison to other deities, there are two reasons for the superiority of Panchdev-

1. Panchdev is the master (master) of the Panchamoots
Panchdev is the lord of the five elements of the sky, air, fire, water and earth.
The Sun is the supreme ruler of the element of the Earth, hence the worship is done by the Arghya and the Namaskar.
-The reason for worshiping the water element of Ganesha is the first thing to worship, because in the creation of the universe, the ‘water’ principle was everywhere.
-Shakti (Goddess, Jagadamba) is the lord of fire principle, therefore Bhagwati is the legislation to worship Goddess in the firefight by Havan.
Shiva is the supreme ruler of the Earth principle, therefore, it is the rule of worshiping Lord Shiva as Shiva.
Vishnu is the supreme ruler of the Akshat, and therefore his words are praised by the words.

2. Except the other gods, the meaning of the names of these five prophets is such that they are indicative of their being Brahma-
Vishnu means everything,
Shiva means welfare,
Ganesha means the lord of all the Ganesha,
The Sun means universal (all-round)
Strength means power.
In order to keep the worship of God permanent in the world, Vedavishaji composed different mythologies for various deities. In these mythologies, these deities are considered to be the creator, obeyer and destroyer of the universe. Like Vishnu in Vishnupuran, Shiva in Shivpura, Ganesh in Ganeshapuraan, Sun in Sun Purana and Shakti Purana have been considered as Shakti as Brahman. Therefore, according to the person’s interest, worshiping any god, worship is of a Brahman, because Panchdev is the only form of the form of Brahma (real form). In their worship or worship, Brahma is meditated only and they enter the desired Divine and give unwanted results. The same person is sitting in his own world, he is saying the greatest to himself. In fact, neither is God big nor any small.

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