Shiv Upasana Poojan

The worship of Shivshankar results in many births. If worshiped by the law, surely the desired result is obtained. Let us know that a very important thing to be offered in Shiva Puja and about the Siddha Poojan method …

* Belvo letter is very dear to Shankar ji, Shiva is extremely pleased and offered Manmanga fruits after offering the valve.
* But according to the ancient Shiva Purana, before breaking the Bilvha letter to offer on Lord Shiva, a special mantra should be worshiped and bowed to the tree of the valve, after which the bilva should be broken. By doing this, you accept Shivaji Bilve gladly.
What is the bill
अमृतोद्धव श्रीवृक्ष महादेवप्रिय: सदा।
गृहामि तव पत्रणि शिवपूजार्थमादरात्।।

This time is forbidden to break the letter …
Always keep in mind that Chaturthi, Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi and Amavasya Dates should never be broken by the time of sankranti and on Monday the Bilvas should be broken. If the poojan is to be done, the letter of the letter kept the day before.

Apart from this, the leaves of the belvede, dhatura and leaves grow like they should be pledged to God. At the time of production, their face is upwards, so at the time of raising, they should keep their mouth upwards.

How to offer Durva and Tulsi to Shivaji
The turf and tulsi crew should be plated on their side and the belved letter should be placed on the face. Directing the palm of the right hand should provide flowers and billboards with the help of the middle finger, ring finger, and thumb. Remove flowers and belved letters on Lord Shiva with the help of thumb and forefinger.

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