Health Problems

Good health is considered to be the key to success. If a person is healthy both physically and mentally, then he is able to overcome all problems and difficulties. Various things can be studied by the horoscope regarding health. Knowledge of health can be done with the help of astrologers. In your horoscope, if both the bride and groom are in the auspicious and auspicious state, then you will always be healthy. If one of the two is suffering then your health will remain moderate.

For good health marriage and marriage should not be associated with a sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope. If you are concerned about any of these things, then you may have to face health problems in adverse conditions.

All planets represent some or all parts of the body. When the planet is suffering from nine planets, it relates to marriage, marriage, sixth house or eighth house. So the organism related to the planet can be affected. Being a victim of every planet or a planet can be the owner of the sixth place, which disease can give in marriage or any other sense.

When analyzing the horoscope of any patient, firstly, the power of the planets of the third, sixth and eighth houses should be assessed. Some of the rules in medicine astrology have also been given in the Vedas – Puranas. Vishnu Ved-Purana has said that while feeding, the mouth should be placed in the direction of the east direction. The digestive system is better than that.

After studying the birth and horoscope, astrologer tries to tell that the person is likely to get sick in the future. As if in the birth horoscope, there is a possibility of a problem in the lower part of the waist. The house of sickness is considered as the sixth place in the horoscope and the eighth place is the age group.

This place also indicates the type of disease as being third of the eighth to the eighth place. Like Chandra suffers in third place, T.B. There is a possibility of illness and if there is Venus in third place then there is a possibility of diabetes. In the above planets, the planet which is the sixth house owner, or the union of the sixth house, the union of the disease becomes the sum of the disease in the condition of that planet. The owner of the sixth house is not considered to be auspicious due to the marriage of marriage or marriage with Ashshan.

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