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Mental Illness Solution by Astrology

There are many reasons for having a mental illness, for the information of these reasons, what is the basis of the horoscope on the basis of which the study of the sources of the horoscope will be found.
In mental illness, the Moon, Mercury, Fourth house and the fifth house are assessed. The moon is the mind, wisdom is seen from Mercury and the fourth is also the mind and the intellect is seen in the fifth house. When a person wanders into emotionally lost mental balance, then the role of the fifth person and the moon is considered to be important. The role of IV quote in sezephrenia disease is considered to be the main. Saturn and Moon’s tactics are also not considered auspicious for mental peace. The moon should suffer from mental discomfort.

1- If there is a moon in the horoscope with Rahu, then the person is likely to get mental illness because Rahu confuses the mind and the moon is the mind. The horses of the mind is run very much. The person makes a lot of air castles.

2- If there is a connection between Mercury, Ketu and IV, in the horoscope, and if all these three are severely suffering, then there may be a lot of stubbornness in the person and he may be suffering from Zoophrenia. For this many people have given more emphasis on Mercury and IV.

3- If the master is located in the horoscope in the horoscope and if the mangal is situated in the seventh house or in the Mars wedding and in the seventh in the guru, then there is a possibility of mental trauma.

4- Saturn in the birth horoscope and if Mangal is located in the fifth house or seventh house, then there is a possibility of having a mental illness.

5- If the Krishna side has a strong moon and it is situated in the 12th house with Saturn then there is a possibility of mental illness. In the company of Saturn and Moon, the person keeps the mental stress more.

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