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Astrology Remedy for Speech Disorder

If there is a disturbance in the family due to the speech defect, if the finger of the mercury (junior) is tilted inwards or on the outside side, or on the mountain of Mercury there is a lot of traces, then when You would like to speak, then you will not be able to say that thing, you will say more lies, problems related to the throat.

Our speech only plays a significant role in creating and beautifying our personality in life.

” वाणीक्या न सम अलंकृता ” ,
” कंठा भरण भूषिता “

Even if the person holds a valuable jewel in the throats, even then, the necklace ornaments remain in vain even if there is not a cultured, sweet, pleasant, modest, venerable word.

You can not express yourself if there is speech defect. Expression of ideas is only through speech. The sweet tongue is always loved by everyone. Expressions of ideas are from speech. Speech is the identity of a man The sweet-spoken man is loved by all. If there is a flaw in speech or misguided, there is a lot to lose in life. It sees the deeds of previous births as fruits.

Speech only makes it his identity after the name. If there is a speech impediment then there is a lack of life in life, something in life gets lost in a way which is true for Sadev. This defect is due to the deeds of a person in the past.

The second expression in any horoscope represents the speech and the mercurial planet is called the factor of speech. When Mercury is in the zodiac sign, it is in lowly zodiac sign. Mercury is considered to be a male and an impoverished planet and it is the owner of the north direction. Mercury’s auspicious gemstone is Panna, Mercury is the lord of three constellations Ashlasha, Jyeshtha, and Revati (Nakshatra), its favorite color is emerald in green color, bronze metal, and gems.

Mercury is a planet that remains in the sun’s perimeter. When a planet is with the Sun, then it is considered to be the same. If Mercury is also in the 14th or less with the Sun, then it is considered to be the constellation. But while living with the Sun, Mercury does not seem to blame for the trance, and due to its existence, there is not much difference in the results.

Mercury represents the third and sixth sense in the horoscope of Kalpurusha. The effort made to improve the efficiency of Mercury is seen by the sixth house. When Mercury is formed with Venus, Moon and Dasam, and the relation to the tenth house is related to the marriage, then the person makes art skill its means of life-giving.

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