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Astrology Remedies for Weight Loss

Many people are troubled by obesity in today’s time. Along with doctors and home-based prescriptions, astrology has also been described as a panacea for obesity in astrology. This remedy has been used since ancient times. It is believed that the use of obesity is reduced. Jyotishcharya Pandit Dayanand Shastri told that after doing these solutions of astrology, getting rid of obesity begins.

Obesity, which is the cause of everyone’s discomfort. Increasing weight also damages health with our personality. Increasing weight is also the root of many diseases. Well, there are many reasons for weight gain. But major changing lifestyle, wrong eating habits, fast food, stress, etc. are others.

The problem of weight gain is seen not only in the elderly but also in the little ones, which is becoming a matter of concern. Obesity is also the cause of many health problems. Not only does this spoil your personality, but also a major reason for major diseases like heart disease, thyroid, liver, etc. Obesity affects not only physically but also mentally damages you, because, with the increase of obesity, people gradually lose their self-confidence and, at every moment, keep on asking about how to reduce obesity.

For this obese person should tie a silky black thread on your Sunday hand ring finger ring in the right ten o’clock on Sunday night. Doing more than this is taboo. If you do this mantra every day you will only provide fruit.
This is the work of Cupid which if done in the night time becomes more fruitful.

Jyotishcharya Pandit Ji said that many times your obesity is also your horoscope with your daily routine because of which you have to deal with this problem. You have to sweat in the gym, give a doctor’s thick fee to make a diet chart so that your fat is reduced. But even after saving millions, this problem does not take the name of the problem.

The reason for this is the existence of planetary corruption in our horoscope. It is said that our physical activities or changes depend on our planets, therefore, astrological advice is also very important in any kind of physical problem. Through astrology, we can get some measure of reducing obesity. In astrology, from your physical appearance to inner nature, in the form of birth, the condition of the planets is considered important. According to the astrologers, the effects of some planets are likely to make you fat.

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