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Astrology and Child Birth Problem

For a family and especially for married couples, giving birth to a child is the most joyous feeling, it is a feeling which can not be described in words and the feeling is very attractive and touchy. Today, where people are very busy in their lives and work, even small medical complications have made matters even worse. There are pairs which are ready for medical treatment for medical clinics and hospitals so that they know at least that besides science and medicine, there is an ancient method through which a proud parent can get the sense of being and the law Vedic astrology is There are answers to all your questions in astrology, only you need an expert, experienced and proven astrology.

Married woman wants her to be someone who calls her mother. Generally, most women are lucky, who get this happiness, yet there are many women who are deprived of the pleasure of becoming a mother. If both husband and wife are good in health terms, their children are not being born there. In such a case, it is possible that the astrologer giving astrological results is keeping them deprived of this pleasure. If the husband is far from the flaws of health and astrology, then there can be any obstruction to the offspring of the woman’s horoscope.

If a female’s horoscope is this planet Yoga, then to avoid these bad planets, they should take this measure.

First Remedy: Start the Shravan Mauhurat in the 100 million people of Gopal Mantra. Also Balamukund (Laddu Gopal Ji) worship God. Apply them to Makhan-Mishri. After reciting Ganpati and lighting the lamp of pure ghee, chant the following mantra.

Mantra- ऊं क्लीं देवकी सूत गोविंदो वासुदेव जगतपते देहि मे, तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहम् शरणंगता: क्लीं ऊं।।

The second remedy: worship the child god under the benevolent tree (banana) tree. Practice the tree, grind it, grind the gram. On the 21st of Thursday, children get the benefit.

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