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Astrological Remedies for Health Problems

If you have been suffering from a disease for a long time and despite your millions of efforts, there is no improvement in your health or if any member of your family is suffering from any disease, then we will tell you some such remedies so that you can get healthy work. Yes, there is also a solution to this problem in astrology. With just a few simple steps you can get rid of both your physical and mental disorders. According to Astrology, every disease is related to some planet that is either weak in the horoscope or influenced by another planet.

Keep these astrological measures away from yourself and your family.
1. Release the water on the Peepal tree every Sunday except on Sunday. Also, orbiting this tree. Men should rotate seven times but women do not rotate.
2. Offer water to Bholenath on every full moon.
3. Make the new moonlight by adding the lamps of Mehndi in the morning. Make the fourth lamp and add 7 urad grains, some vermilion, 2 drops of curd and burn two pieces of 1 lemon, worship the image of Shivaji or Bhairon and burn it.
4. The mourners are relieved to read a mala or Batuk Bhairav source of Mahamrutujjay Mantra.
5. The victim should serve birds, animals, and patients. Apart from the disease, ghost obstacles are also removed and there is also the experience of mental peace.
6. Drinking a little Ganga water in drinking water also provides quick relief to the patient.
7. On each Tuesday, offer vermilion to Bajrangli and pray for a healthy recovery from Bajrumbi soon. He also planted vermilion patients.
8. On the day of the Shukla party, take seven grams of coconut on the day of Mo ‘Namah. Also, chant the mantra and flush it into the river. This will remove both disease and poverty.
9. Keep the root of co-operative and peepal under pillows, this will get rid of long-standing disease.
10. Charity of charity also benefits greatly.

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