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All Vastu for Quick Conceiving of Baby

Every woman has a feeling of becoming a mother is special. Every mother and father will start dreaming for the future offspring after conceiving. They want the child to be healthy, cultured and long-lived. In order to fulfill your desires, All Vastu for Quick Conceiving of Baby has been given in architecture and scriptures.

Put a Picture of Bal Gopal

Keeping a picture or statue of Bal Gopal in a pregnant woman’s room is considered very auspicious. Put a picture or statue in such a way that if the woman gets up in the morning, she will be seen in the picture. By doing this, God’s image falls on the child and he is obedient like him. You can also keep peacock feathers together.

Read Positive Books

All Vastu for Quick Conceiving of Baby, you can also keep Ramayana or Shrimad Bhagavata Purana in the room of pregnant women. Along with reading them daily, it reads on its good effect on the child. That child is also very culturally It is believed that by reading this book every day the child is under the supervision of God. Put a picture of such children. It is good to put pictures of healthy and smiling children in a pregnant woman’s room. Put the photo in this direction, where the picture shows them again and again. It is believed that the child is also healthy and cheerful. According to the science of biology, in the room of the pregnant woman, the laughing-smiling pictures of the husband and wife should also be applied. It keeps him very close to his parents. This prevents the pregnant woman from being positive and the baby to be healthy is also healthy. You can also keep yellow rice in the room, it is auspicious to do it.

A good sign to keep them in the room

You can also keep Lord Krishna’s flute and conch in a pregnant woman’s room. By doing so, the child is calm and cheerful. Also, you can put any item made of copper metal in the room. It does not have an effect on pregnant women and children with bad eyesight and negativity and they turn them into positive energy.

Stay away from them

In the room of a pregnant woman, Mahabharata, knife-bitten and despondent pictures should never be kept in the room, as well as not all around it. It is believed that a pregnant woman should not even work the needle and yarn, it has adverse effects on the child’s health.

Wear such clothes

The color of the room or the clothes, the pregnant women are red, black and orange. Avoid use. Instead, light colors like light blue, yellow, white and light pink colors should be used. This is because pregnant women can be victims of depression using dark colors. Whose mother and child can have a bad effect on both.

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